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Name: Sune Lehmann
Personal Site:
Email: Sune
Research Interest: Complex Networks
Tel: 617 922 9822
Hometown: Hjřrring, Denmark
Lab Position:
Very Smart, Interesting Person

Education / Academic Career

  M. Sc. Physics. Niels Bohr Institute. University of Copenhagen 2003
  Ph. D. Complex Networks. Technical University of Denmark, 2007

Biography / Interests

  Sune Lehmann's work focuses on understanding the structural and dynamical aspects of complex network topology, as seen from a statistical standpoint. He is currently working to understand how the temporal dynamics of network edges influence the modular structure found in many social networks. Previous work has focused on multipartite networks (Lehmann, Schwartz, Hansen: PRE 78, 016108) and understanding the type of correlations that scientific authors and collaborations impose on the (citation) links between the publications (Lehmann, Jackson, Lautrup: Nature 444, 1003). He is a graduate of the Niels Bohr Institute (M.Sc, Physics, 2004) and the Technical University of Denmark (Ph.D., Complex Networks, 2007).


  Best poster award (with M.~Schich and J.~Park), International Workshop on Challenges and Visions in the Social Sciences at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, 2008. The Danish Natural Science Research Council grant 2007, 2008, 2009.

Selected Publications

  See for publications.